Fearless Proclamation



To those in the worlds of the ten directions, however many there are, all lions among humans , who appear during the three times- to all of them without exception, I pay homage with respectful body, speech and mind.


May I always be engaged through the power of my mind, in the inexhaustible melodic speech of the victorious ones appearing in the three times who turn the dharma like a wheel. As all future kalpas are penetrated, may I also penetrate them instantly; may I be engaged in and penetrate, in each instant, as many kalpas as are in the three times. May I instantly see those lions among humans. May I always be in engaged in their sphere of experience through the power of liberation.

(The King of Noble Aspirations)

In the Buddhist teachings, the lion's roar symbolizes the fearless proclamation of the teachings of the Dharma which benefit all beings.

The Roaring Lion has been developed as a tribute to human potential- as it is expressed on the Bodhisattva path - with a special focus on mapping the life and reality of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa in India and beyond.

The intention behind this work is to create awareness of the distinctiveness and potency of the Buddhas teachings as they have taken root in our world in the 21st century. The role the Karmapa has in the authentic expression of the dharma is vital to its preservation during this critical time in our human history.  His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje,  is considered a living Buddha.

I invite you into this cyber mandala to get a closer look into the present life of the Karmapa. Through art, media and personal experiences over the last eight years in India  -as well as prayer expressed here in all of its colorful forms - it is my aspiration that all obstacles to Gyalwa Karmpa's freedom will be liberated in the blazing flame of interdependence and truth.

May we all be free.

Tune in for news and and activities as they evolve here. 
Sarva mangalam!



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May all be auspicious!

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